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Alchemy, the art of infusing magical energies into common and rare substances to create a plethora of effects. Alchemy is advanced by many within Amastasia as it allows those that may be banned from crafting truly magical items with shades of their potential, though limited by time and effect. Many hedge wizards and lowly acolytes spend their time refining their formulae to come up with effective substances to enhance their own abilities or assist their neighbors and community. Larger cities within the Empire are known to have districts dedicated to the manufacture of cheap and effective magical substances, whole factories filled with those with minimal arcane prowess pumping out potions and oils for the masses.

Though paltry compared to more permanent or powerful items such as rods, wands, and wondrous items, alchemical substances allows a lucrative market of providing those seeking magical enhancements an effective means of gaining their desired powers without resorting to contraband materials. However, this boom in the alchemical market has lead to a boom in research as well, with many new formula and items being created over the last two generations since the banishment of the Amastasian Wizard League. As a result, most potions and oils that replicate 1st level spells are fairly plentiful south of the Amastasian Mountains and common place in most towns and villages on the northern provinces as well. Potions and oils emulating magical effects of 2nd and 3rd level spells are common in larger cities on both sides of the mountains as well, with even some of the larger settlements having access to potions like Levitation and Cure Moderate Wounds.

In addition, this alchemical Renaissance has lead to the creation of a type of magical bomb using such spells as fireballs, flaming spheres, lightning bolts, and stinking clouds. In addition, even more potent spells have been crafted into alchemical formula (4th and 5th level spells), though the base cost if 100 gp per spell level multiplied by the effective spell caster. The most common of these substances being the polymorph potion which costs at least 2,800 gp (7th level spell caster) and the form dictated by the formula used.

Crafting any magically animated alchemical substance requires the use of the Alchemy feat in addition to the Craft (Alchemy) skill and the appropriate alchemical formula.

Alchemical Bombs

These items are typically fragile containers (ceramic flasks, glass vials, or even water skins) that are infused with the magical essence of the spells of destructive power including fireballs, lightning bolts, and stinking clouds. These items cost the same as other alchemical items like potions and oils, 100 gp per spell level multiplied by the caster level. Most of these effects are typically instantaneously released, but some may linger based on the normal spell effect and caster level of the item. Unlike other potions and alchemical substances, these items must be infused with the actual spell. As a result, the creator must be able to cast the spell and sacrifice one spell use the day the bomb is created.

The items may be activated by either just unstoppering the item or throwing it at an opponent or an area. Area effect spells (such as fireballs) are centered on the item, thus these are typically thown as a grenade like weapon. Line of effect spells (such as a lightning bolt) are typically unstoppered by the user, aiming in the direction desired. If an item is thrown with a line of effect spell effect, the direction of the released energy must be randomly determined. Items that are generally directed (such as a flaming sphere) travel in the direction it was released at the base speed as dictated by the spell description (the effects are NOT controlled by the user that used the item).

Spell limitations also apply as well. For example, Web requires contact with two or more solid surfaces and diametrically opposed points. If such conditions do not exist, the item is still expended but targets may avoid the resulting effects of the bomb.

Alchemical Bombs do lose their effectiveness over time. As a result, these items become inert after a number of weeks equal to the effective spell caster level of the item unless the item is stored in a satchel of preservation (see below) or the Preservation spell is used (see below). They may also be re-energized by sacrificing the same spell by a caster of equal or higher level than the original creator, though the item's effective power is limited to the level of the formula used and effective caster level of the original creator. Alchemical bombs may be purchased with an active preservation spell already cast on it or a caster may be hired to do so at the normal rate of 10 gp X the level of the spell X the level of the caster. For preserved bombs, the cost assumed will be the effective caster level and the spell cast. Also, such items are not effective with or may not be combined with meta-magic feats. A maximized Fireball flask cannot be created, even if the original creator decides to use the feat during the empowering of the bomb.

Common Bomb List

Description Type Caster Level Cost Lesser
Preservation Greater
Fireball I Area 6th 1800 gp 1860 gp 1960 gp N/A
Fireball II Area 8th 2400 gp 2480 gp 2640 gp N/A
Fireball III Area 10th 3000 gp 3100 gp 3300 gp 3500 gp
Flaming Sphere I Mobile 3rd 600 gp 630 gp N/A N/A
Fog Cloud Area 3rd 600 gp 630 gp N/A N/A
Lightning Bolt I Line 6th 1800 gp 1860 gp 1960 gp N/A
Lightning Bolt II Line 9th 2700 gp 2790 gp 2970 gp 3150 gp
Lightning Bolt III Line 12th 3600 gp 3760 gp 3960 gp 4200 gp
Obscuring Mist Area 1st 100 gp 110 gp N/A N/A
Sleet Storm Area 5th 1500 gp 1550 gp 1650 gp N/A
Stinking Cloud Area 5th 1500 gp 1550 gp 1650 gp N/A
Web Area 3rd 600 gp 630 gp N/A N/A
Wind Wall Area 6th 1800 gp 1860 gp 1960 gp N/A

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