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The following rules and modifications are being applied to the Meetup FAT RPG Mutant Future Campaign.

Survivor Points

Everyone begins a game session with at least one Survivor Point. This point can be used when the character fails a saving throw and the results would end in death. Points can be saved by character though no character may have more than three Survivor Points per session.

Natural Healing

Due to the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world, those that have evolved to survive within it heal damage at a higher rate than normal. As a result, rather than gaining 1d3 hit points per night of rest characters regain a number of hit points equal to their Constitution score. If a character rests for a full 24 hours with access to medications and proper care, he may regain 1.5 times his Constitution score.

Leaping and Jumping

There are no real rulings in the Mutant Future rule book regarding Leaping (across) or Jumping (up or down) and landing on one's feet. As a rule of thumb, both activities will be tied to the character's base movement speed per round. A character can leap a distance equal to one quarter his movement rate with running start without requiring an ability check (unless deemed necessary by the Mutant Lord for extenuating circumstances). Without a running start a character can leap a distance of one eighth his movement rate with relative ease. Jumping upward has a base distance equal to one tenth the character's base movement rate while jumping down is easier than jumping up and can be done at twice the distance of jumping up.

Characters may attempt to jump and leap greater distances with a successful ability checks against the character's Dexterity score. For each factor (equal to the normal distance listed above) the character is attempting to jump or leap a -2 penalty is applied to the character's effective Dexterity score. Any mutations or enhancements that add to the character's base movement rate will affect their ability to jump greater distances. Technological devices such as EMA armor also have the ability to greatly increase the character's jump and leaping distances.

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